Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday! Hope is has been a good week for you. It is a beautiful afternoon here on Delmarva. Thanks for joining me on the Joy Ride!

Artist of the Day

Chris Sligh
Hear two powerful songs from this former American Idol contestant at 5:30 today!

Scriptural Pursuit
Tonights Question was:
What graven image did the Israelites dance in front of?

Answer: The golden calf that Aaron made. Read all about it in Exodus 32:19. When Israel lost hope of Moses' return, they asked Aaron to make something they could worship. What was Aaron's explaination to Moses of how the calf was created? E-mail me the answer at

Congratulations to Dean Purdue of Snow Hill, tonight's winner of Scriptural Pursuit. Dean has won Vota's self titled CD.

As the weekend progresses and news continues to come out about the Haitian earthquake, be sure to lift up the Haitian people in prayer as well as the thousands expected to pour into the country to help.

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