Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring arrived today! It's lovely outside, with the promise of another beautiful day tomorrow! Eat it up. I personally will have my car windows rolled down when I head home - with Joy! 102.5 blasting!

Jamie Slocum

Jamie Slocum made the choice to be the starving musician in the early 90's - moving to Nashville to make his music career happen. Jamie has steadily honed his talents and skills all the while learning that real success was found in his deeper dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2009 his hit song "Dependence" garnered him a #1 hit on Christian radio for 11 weeks - and his follow up "Fragile" raced up the charts as well. Both songs deal with the issue of trusting God in an uncertain world. How we must delight in adversity knowing that our faith is being tested.

Latest Album: Dependence


Music Video: Fragile

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: According to the Bible, what foolish bird lays its eggs on the ground in the sun?

A: Ostrich or stork or peacock depending on which translation you use (Job 39:13-18)

Congratulations, Joy!

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