Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday! Even a rainy Friday is a great Friday after a long week. We're glad to help you to wind up your work week here on the Joy Ride this afternoon.

Artist of the Day

Jason Gray will be featured today as our Artist of the Day. Be sure to be listening at 5:30!

Bibles for China

As of today, we have been able to send 128 Bibles to China through the Bible League's Bibles for China campaign! Call 1-800-YES-WORD to help us reach our goal of 2000 Bibles for Chinese Christians in the next few weeks. When you call, mention our call letters, WOLC. Thanks!

Scriptural Pursuit
Today's rain made me think of Noah:

Question: Who shut the door of Noah's Ark?

Answer: GOD. You can find the answer in Genesis 7:16.

Congratulations to Evelyn Johnson of Berlin. She has been trying to get through for the longest time and finally got through tonight. She was very happy to get the ring of the bell as well as the CD Jeremy Camp: The Music That Inspired Him.

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