Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome to Tuesday's Joy Ride. Glad you have decided to ride along today!

Artist of the Day

Press Play will be featured today as our Artist of the Day.

Bibles for China
The numbers keep climbing! We are up to 683 Bibles for China so far. Joy! 102.5 and The Bible League are teaming up to provide Bibles for Chinese Christians. Keep those numbers climbing! Call 1-800 YES-WORD. That's 1-800-937-9673! Be sure to mention that you are a WOLC listener when you call!

Scriptural Pursuit

Question: What Egyptian official was given fine linen, the Pharaoh's ring, and a gold chain for his neck?
Answer: Joseph. The story of Joseph is a great story and this fact is found in Genesis 42:42.

Congratulations to Paula Dixon of Georgetown Delaware, tonight's first time winner. (That is the second in a row this week for the Joy Ride!) Paula got a ring of the bell as well as the CD from August Rain.

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