Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday March 31,2010

The sun has returned and it is a beautiful afternoon for a Joy Ride on this last day of March 2010!

Artist of the Day

Matt Brouwer, Recent recipient of the Juno Award, will be featured as our Artist of the Day today at 5:30.

Scriptural Pursuit
Question: Which son was Isaac partial to?
Answer: Esau. Read about the family dynamics of Isaac and Rebekah and their twin sons Esau and Jacob in Genesis 25. The answer is found in verse 28.

Congratulations to Glenda Wells of Chincoteague, Virginia. She won an autographed copy of Caleb Rowden's CD Free from Ordinary.

Bibles for China Update
So far we have reached 40% of our goal of 2000 Bibles for China. The number is at 746. Great job! Keep it up!
Call 1-800-YES-WORD
to make your donation.
That's 1-800-937-9673.

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