Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hooray it's Friday! This weekend, I'm planning on hitting OC beach for the first time, so Monday, I'll probably be a little sunburnt. No matter how much sunscreen I use, even fully clothed, I will burn. It's how I roll. Speaking of rolls, I guess I do sort of resemble the Pillbury Dough Boy.

This weekend - GO TO CHURCH! It is important. We were not meant to walk this life of faith on our own. Jesus surrounded himself with friends to worship with - so if it is good enough for Jesus - you can bet we ought to emulate that! Find a church here:


How do you go from teaching Kindergarten in Minnesota to being considered the preeminent female songwriter in Christian music? Well, ask Sara Groves because that is her life! Her use of poetry and prose woven through heartfelt, almost lullaby style music has garnered her multiple Dove Nominations, successful albums, radio hits, and most importantly the chance to serve God, while using her gifts to create art!

Her latest album is called "Fireflies & Songs" and it is a collaborative effort between Sara and musical legend Charlie Peacock. Sara would write and record songs at the piano from her home, then send them to Charlie to add other instruments. Back and forth - time and again - they created a beautiful masterpiece without the stress of locking themselves away in a studio, under pressure from the record label to stop wracking up the bill!

Learn more about Sara:

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