Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer! Today is the official kick-start to Summer 2010 - and also the looongest day of the year (The Summer Solstice). After today, the days will grow shorter as we head towards fall. Which after the last few days of 90+ weather, I doubt we'll have too many complaints about the impending Autumn.

This summer, every afternoon I'll be dropping some local-flavored knowledge on the masses in the form of 102.5 Shore Things! It's a list of stuff to do, try, know, experience, taste, etc, etc - all here on Delmarva! Many of you have already emailed in items for the list. I'd love for you to contribute - just email me

Here's Numero Uno on the list:

1. Debbie Byrd's crabcakes! Debbie is the General Manager here at WOLC, and claims to make the absolute best crabcakes. She claims this with great passion - yet she has not yet made any FOR ME! But she is my boss, so she gets top billing on the list.

Have something to add to the LIST? Email me:


The Deibler's are from Lancaster County, PA - but are not Amish or related to the Hershey family in any way. Jennifer and Jeromy started a 4-part a Capella group called Four For Harmony in the early 90s. That became Far From Home when instruments were added, and then shortened to FFH.

Just a few years ago, the band "took a break" for the Deibler's to do mission work in Africa and deal with the onset of Jeromy's multiple sclerosis (MS). Now back in action with "Wide Open Spaces," FFH is digging deeper in their faith than ever before. Lyrically the new album deals with the hardships of faith, and the frustrations the come when God's way is not what we had hoped for.

Want more on FFH:

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