Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

The average cost for a Thanksgiving meal (feeding 8-10) is just under $50. Some families cannot afford the cost of the holiday - and many churches are doing something about it! Check with your church to see if there is an outreach this holiday season that you and your family can participate in!

Tomorrow morning, Joelle (from the Joy In The Morning team) will be broadcasting from Living Hope Ministries in Crisfield, MD! They are giving away 100 Thanksgiving meals to families in need! So head down to the docks and hang out!

Turkey Countdown: 5 DAYS

History of Cranberries (About):
The Pilgrims learned all about cranberries from the Native Americans, who recognized the natural preservative power (benzoic acid) in the berries. They used it to preserve meats over the long winter. They were a tart reprive from heavy food - but sugar was scarce, so the sauce we know and love (tolerate) today was not present at the first Thanksgiving. Cranberry sauce came into the picture via General Ulysses S. Grant who ordered it served to the troops during the seige of Petersburg in 1864. Cranberry sauce was first commercially canned in 1912 by the Cape Cod Cranberry Company.

Nicole Nordeman

Nicole just released her greatest hits collection. But she earned it. 10 years of touring, 6 full length albums and 9 Dove Awards, including 2 Female Vocalist of the Year Doves gives an artist the right the street cred for a Greatest Hits anthology!

Nordeman was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she played the piano in church. She got her start when she entered a Gospel Music Association (GMA) contest in Los Angeles, California and was noticed by a music producer. She's also written songs for the VeggieTales and performed I Will Believe for the soundtrack Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia.

Nichole is married to Errol Ingram. The couple have two children, Charlie Thomas Ingram, born in July 2003, and Paige Bennett Ingram, born in November, 2008. Yes - her husband's name is Errol - like Errol Flynn!

Latest Album: Recollection: The Best Of Nicole Nordeman


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What Jewish girl married a Persian Emperor and helped save her exiled people from extermination?

A: Esther

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