Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

So apparently there is a Strawberry Festival happening this weekend in Marion Station. I love me some strawberries. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow morning so I can go.

Audio Adrenaline

During 15 years together, the members of Audio Adrenaline have more than lived up to their super-charged moniker both on stage and off. Whether inviting an arena full of fans to sing along on such chart topping hits as “Big House” or riding ATVs in the Nevada desert, the guys have—to coin a phrase from bassist Will McGinniss—“sucked every ounce of marrow” from each experience.

The members of the band see Audio Adrenaline as an example of how God can use people who are obedient. “I think that it’s a testimony to any one out there if you are willing to turn your heart and life over to God, that you can do many things,” says lead singer Mark Stuart.

Stuart and McGinniss met at Kentucky Christian College (now Kentucky Christian University). Stuart and his brother David were putting together a rock band and McGinniss struck up a friendship with the pair. Along with David and Barry Blair they launched the band, originally called A-180. The band recorded two independent albums before signing a record contract with ForeFront Records. It was then that they officially launched Audio Adrenaline.

In 2004, AA created the Hands & Feet Project, where the built an orphanage and ministry in Haiti. They still work closely with this project that has met many needs, especially since the tragic earthquake.

Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss more recently found the Know Hope Collective. Know Hope is a community of song writers that work to dig deeper into the question "What is worship?"

Latest Album:
Live From Hawaii: The Farewell Concert

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