Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mountaire is hosting their annual Chickin' Pickin' contest at the Delaware State Fair tomorrow evening at 5 PM. And Josh is participating in the kick-off event - a Celebrity Jumbo Chicken Wing Eating contest!

He'll race to eat as many jumbo wings as he can in 12 minutes! This is the moment he's been training for all his life! Or at least the last couple of afternoons. The Wing contest is at 5 PM sharp, so if you are headed to the state fair this afternoon, go cheer him on.

We'll post pictures on Facebook as soon as we have them.

Joel Hanson

Joel Hanson was/is the lead singer/guitarist for PFR (basically the Beatles of early 90s Christian music). They get together and take a break more often than they release music. For the last decade he has occasionally recorded some music, when he's not leading worship at his home church in Minnesota.

Joel is an active songwriter who has collaborated with several artists across the music industry, including Sara Groves, Geoff Moore, Jason Gray, Phillips, Craig & Dean, and Phil Keaggy.

My first experience in Christian radio was talking to Joel over the phone when he was in studio at my local Christian station. I was 12 years old and he thought I was a girl.

Latest Album: What If It Is

Want More?

Video: Live at Joyful Noise Festival 2010

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Whose rod was turned into a serpent and swallowed the Egyptian sorcerer's serpents?

A: Aaron (Exodus 7)

Kudos to Rob - getting it right and scoring the latest Newsboys album!

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