Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I want to issue a special thanks to every Vacation Bible School director, and all you VBS volunteers.
I know what hard work goes into making a VBS happen - just know you are appreciated.
I am a living example of a child who went to VBS, grew in the Lord, and now works in ministry. So when it gets exhausting and you think you can't go on - persevere and know it is worth it!

Paul Good

Paul is a worship leader pursuing the Christian music dream in Franklin, TN (Nashville suburbs). Good and his band are working on a new album, hinging on their latest single Walk With Me.

About His Song: Walk With Me reminds us of the choice & privilege we always have to live for Christ and His purposes each day rather than our own, which never satisfys. We have the chance to live out, in each situation according to the light of the knowledge of all we are and have in Christ, bringing a closeness with God, as well as a deeper sense of his love for us. And this is what our heart truly longs for!

Latest Album:
Love Thing


Video: Breakthrough

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What happened with Peter and John placed their hands on the believers in Samaria?

A: They received the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:14-17

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