Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Burlap To Cashmere
by Burlap To Cashmere | Genre: Americana/Folk

Starla Over the Fences EP
by The Gloomcatcher | Genre: Americana/Folk

by Phinehas | Genre: Hard Rock

To Those Perishing
by A Past Unknown | Genre: Hard Rock

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Echoing Angels

Echoing Angels have survived. After initial success on their INO Records debut album the band hit the road, aiming to take their music and the Gospel to the world. But circumstances led to some serious problems. The band ended their relationship with the record label, they lost their booking agency and their long-time manager passed away. This and some line-up changes should have spelled the end of Echoing Angels, but God had other plans.

The band continued touring and were very open about their challenges. Their songs dealt with reality from the perspective of faith and that connected with listeners. Fans who had lost jobs, loved ones and marriages were eager to hear that they were not alone, and to find community and worship at Echoing Angels concerts.

In the end, the self-titled sophomore release is a rebirth of the band. The songs are meant to be a mouthpiece of optimism, patience, and perhaps most of all, perseverance in God’s plan for each and every listeners’ life.

Facts: The band was initially formed by bassist Josh Armour and drummer Jon Poole under the name Two Bare Feet in 1999. Since its inception, John Poole (AKA JP) is the only remaining original member.

Current Line-Up:
Trey Heffinger – vocals
Shannon Cochran – guitar
Jon Poole (JP) – drums
Josh LeBlanc – bass
Neil Tankersley – keyboards

Latest Album: Echoing Angels


Video: Live Performance of You Alone

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: The nation of Israel crossed the Red Sea on dry ground and also crossed a river on dry ground. Which river?

A: The Jordan (Joshua 3)

Congratulations, Bonnie! Scoring the awesome new album from Building 429!

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