Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

The only holiday you can score SILVER SEAT TICKETS to the big RSJ concert this Friday!
Tune in for Scriptural Pursuit this afternoon at 5:15 to win!

CLICK HERE FMI on the Rebecca St. James concert this Friday!

Jason Allen Rich

Rich grew up in the heartland of the US in the small town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He began his musical career as a worship leader and singer, and has since grown into a seasoned musician and writer as well.

He and his wife Bailey Rae now call Atlanta home, have two dogs, Gracie Rae and Beau Peep. Bailey runs "The Recycled Shop," an online store featuring her artistic takes on repurposed items.

He got his big break as a contestant on American Idol - which has sort of become a launchpad for great Christian music (like Mandisa, Chris Sligh and many others!).

Life on the road can be overwhelming.  Here's what J.A.R. has learned in recent years:
“All of the musical growth is great, and I have worked hard at that, but most importantly I want to grow as a follower of Christ. It is essential for God to be our focus, and if I am able to use my gifts to influence others to recognize that, then I believe this is my life’s calling!"

Album: A Beautiful Life 

Video: In Studio with Jason Allen Rich


Q:  Who was Ruth's second husband?

A:  Boaz

Everett just won 2 silver seating tickets to see Rebecca St. James this Friday!  Hip, hip - HOORAY!

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