Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Today is one of those days that in the future, after Global Warming ravages the planet, people will say about their Monday (now regularly filled with flooding, scorching temperatures, earthquakes and volcano explosions) - "they just don't make 'em like they used too..."

Enjoy this beautiful day with some beautiful music!

Mark Schultz

With numerous chart toppers, Dove Awards, and album sales - Schultz has become a staple on Christian radio around the world. He's toured with other big-names and invited some of them to co-write with him on his album Come Alive. Matthew West, Bart Millard, and Joy Williams all pitched in to make his 5th studio release something special.

After touring to support Come Alive Mark took some time to rest.  He travelled with his wife, wrote a novel, recorded an instrumental album, biked across America for orphans and then went back to work... Honestly, his idea of a vacation sounds exhausting.  Now, a new label home and a new album breathes fresh life into a stellar career.

A couple of years ago, Mark biked across the US as a fundraiser for The James Fund, which provides for Mexican orphanages. He travelled over 3000 miles on a bicycle, stopping each night to play a concert and take up an offering for The James Fund.  Forget, Tony Stark - Mark Schultz is Iron Man!

It's been a busy season of life for Mark, who wrote a novel based on his song Letters from War and released his first instrumental album Reinaissance.

Starbucks Order: Double short latte with 2 brown sugar packets.

Album: All Things Possible

Twitter: @mschultzmusic



Video: Everything To Me

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Q:  Isaiah called the coming Messiah the "Prince of WHAT"?

A:  Peace (Isaiah 9)

Score for Troy in Salisbury!


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