Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

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Lenny Leblanc

It was nearly impossible to turn on the radio in the late 70’s without hearing Lenny LeBlanc’s hit ballad, “Falling.” He was an integral part of the phenomenon that became know as Muscle Shoals Music. A self-taught musician, Lenny discoverede an old upright piano in his aunt’s dark basement as a child - and that discovery opened up life's doors for him.

LeBlanc's talent took him from a middle-school garage band to working in studios with The Temptations, Hank Williams Jr., Roy Orbison, the Supremes, and more. In 1977 a friend who had returned from serving in Vietnam had found Christ and shared Jesus with Lenny. The friend gave Lenny a Bible and he began to read.

"I didn’t know how to talk to God, but I started asking Him if He was real; and He started revealing himself to me."

After finding Christ, Leblanc's career came to a screeching hault. He lost nearly everything except his house. He did skilled carpentry work to earn a modest living and along the way began building and designing handmade furniture. He loved his church, but found the music to be stale, so he started writing music again - only this time for Christ.

Now, three decades later, we still sing songs written by Lenny Leblanc in church. Above All and There Is None Like You are some of his more popular worship songs. He currently lives in Florence, Alabama with his wife Sherrie and daughter Hanna. Lenny continues to write pop and country songs and still travels nationally and internationally as a Christian artist and serves as worship leader at Faith Church in Florence, Alabama.

Hobbie: Lenny is an accomplished carpenter. Check out his skills!

Album: Love Like No Other



Video: Falling (Leblanc & Carr)

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