Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Go Ravens!


Connections is a brand new branch of the ministry of Maranatha Inc. Maranatha includes Joy 102.5, The Manna Magazine and our Southern Gospel streaming station, The Ark.

This new ministry is a way to make connections between people in need with resources in our communities.  It also seeks to connect volunteers with agencies and projects who need help.

If you are looking for help - ranging from finding shelter to needing a few extra groceries this month, let us help you get connected with the groups who can fill your need. Maybe you work for a church and need a volunteer to help you set up a website - Connections is here for you.

Here are the ways you can participate in Connections:

• Call us (410-543-9652) to sign up as a volunteer. You can list your specialty - whether you're an accountant or an artist, there are groups who could use your help. We will help you find a project or agency who can put your skills to use.

• Call us (410-543-9652) to list your project. If you need volunteers, we can get you connected.

• If you're in need, please call us (410-543-9652) with your request.

• You can help us build our database of agencies and groups who help those in need by calling to sign up.



Q:  How did David kill Uriah?

A:  He ordered his troops to leave Uriah exposed in battle. (2 Samuel)

Congrats to Nancy in Selbyville!!


Joy 102.5 is a listener supported ministry.  You can be a part of this amazing ministry by supporting us financially. CLICK HERE to learn more!


CLICK HERE for Joy 102.5! (Christian Hits)
CLICK HERE for The Ark on (Southern Gospel)


Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  It's sort of the most unusual holiday in America.  Where we look to an over-sized rodent to find out if Winter will come to an early end.  
But have you ever asked yourself WHY?  I mean other than getting a yearly viewing of a Bill Murray classic, why do we have this weird holiday?
When German settlers were piling into Pennsylvania during the 18th and 19th century, they brought a lot of traditions with them.  Pretzels, sausages and the belief that at the beginning of February, a badger or sacred bear would forecast the weather.  
Totally normal stuff.  
They called the beginning of February Candlemas Day - and the tradition holds that if it is cloudy, Winter is almost over.  If it's a sunny beautiful day, prepare for another month and a half of cold.  
So if the Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow on a sunny Saturday, that must mean Winter isn't over.
Of course, meteorologists will tell you that Winter doesn't end for another 6 weeks no matter what the rodent says.

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