Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Sure, you can plug away at the church and club scene - playing every show you get offered and working for food and a closet to sleep in. Or you can score a chance to open for Third Day - get noticed by Mac Powell who then moves you from Australia to Atlanta, produces your album and gets you nominated for New Artist of the Year at the GMA's.

Option 2 is the route that Australian band Revive took.

Smart move, dudes.

Of course that sort of change can be daunting. In fact, after the initial success with their debut album, original guitarist Tyler Hall, never truly able to ease the discomfort from leaving his homeland, decided to move back to Australia with his wife.

The rest of the band carried on, eventually finding a new guitar player in AJ Cheek.  Another big break for this Australian import came when ABC featured their music on both Secret Millionaire and Rookie Blue.

The Ending: Recently the band decided to part ways and head back home to Australia.  Still, 10 years after a garage band from the Sydney suburbs first formed, a stellar international career is no small feat.

Album: Blink

Twitter: @reviveband


Video: Winning the Dove - A musical video plea to win New Artist of the Year

What artists would you like to hear featured on The Artist of the Day?


Q:  True or False: David's son Absalom was extremely ugly.

A: False.

Way to go, Edward in Salisbury!


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