Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's got that Middle-of-the-Week smell...

Mark Harris

After 15 years with 4Him, a collaboration that resulted in 22 No. 1 hits and 8 Dove Awards, Mark Harris has gone on to have a sterling solo career as well! As 4Him’s primary songwriter, Harris had spent years writing from a corporate perspective, making sure his words encompassed what the entire group wanted to say. Now, speaking only for himself, he was able to communicate more personal messages straight from his own heart.

Not only is Mark Harris continuing his musical career, but to give his family a solid foothold on life, he's the Head of Worship Ministries at Bay Community Church near his home on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. That security and home base allows for more time with family - and a needed church roots system.

“I believe that songs can make a difference when someone hears them at the right time. Because I’ve seen how songs impact people, I just can’t leave this behind." - Mark Harris

Fact: Before 4Him, the guys were a part of the ensemble cast of Truth.

Album: Stronger In The Broken Places

Twitter: @markharrismusic


Video: When We're Together (Featured in Courageous)

Mark Harris - When We're Together (From The Movie COURAGEOUS) from mark-harris on GodTube.

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