Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

When life hands you lemons, say "thank you!"
Because produce is really expensive right now...


Leeland is celebrated as one of Christian music’s most gripping live bands. In fact, their upcoming album The Great Awakening was recorded live in the studio - instead of piecing it together like most albums. They wanted to really capture the feel four musicians worshiping together.

This Texas band has always sought honesty in everything they do. Honest melodies. Honest lyrics. Honest performances. That sort of heart focus landed GRAMMY nominations for their first two records and a slew of Dove awards.

When Leeland’s not on the road, band members continue to lead worship at the Baytown, Texas church the Mooring’s parents began pastoring six years ago. The band also serves regularly in their community’s Gulf Coast emergency preparedness programs and at a local food pantry which feeds hundreds of people each week.

Manna: Rodney reviews the new album! CLICK HERE

Latest Album: The Great Awakening (Due out September 20, 2011)

Twitter: @leelandofficial


Video: Sneak Peak of The Great Awakening

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What bird does the man in Song of Solomon compare his beloved's eyes to?

A: dove (Song of Solomon 1:15)

Way to go Pete from Denton, MD!

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