Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011


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Shane & Shane

Tune in for Josh's interview with Shane Everett (of Shane & Shane) today at 5:30 PM!

Life is a whirlwind for Shane & Shane. After both settling down, getting married and having three kids between the two families, it looked like their national music careers were over. They Shanes took on worship leading at their home church and had resigned themselves to just being local musicians and family men.

But God had other plans. After a season of growing with their church, experiencing fatherhood and impacting lives of young people through discipleship God began to write songs through Shane & Shane once again. Really good songs. The best songs they had ever written. After sending a demo to some friends in Nashville they immediately got picked up my Fair Trade Records (MercyMe).

It took nearly a year to fully produce The One You Need, but in the end it became a career album. One of immense depth and as Shane E says, one that is all about the Gospel. The album is full of Good News! It's all about Jesus.

Album: The One You Need

Twitter: @shaneandshane

Want More?

Video: The One You Need


Q: What book in the Old Testament is named after a famous widow who became an ancestress of David (and then Jesus)?

A: Ruth

Score for Matt from Princess Anne!

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