Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011


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Shana Strange

Shana Strange's passion is worship. Whether as a participator in corporate worship or living a life that worships Christ - worship is her calling. She has been leading worship for the past 6 years at events and is currently a worship leader for House Refuge Church, TX. But her journey to worship was born out of pain. Being a Christian the majority of her life did not exempt her from feeling un-important, un-needed, and un-original. Shana was also born with some physical impairments that were a constant source of pain for her.

Shana has competed and received excellent marks for her songwriting and vocal abilities at such competitions as GMA's Music in the Rockies and various regional talent competitions. Shana also studied with Nationally recognized vocal coach Tim Carson, founder of Vocal Artistry. She has a degree in Religious Studies and is a certified Precept Ministries facilitator which has enabled her to speak at various women's events.

Shana's struggle with overcoming low self esteem has now become the platform she uses to help other women trapped in the same bondage. Many women have been set free from the bondage of self hatred through the ministry God has birthed in Shana.

Album: Rescue


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Q: What king of Israel left more widows than any other?

A: Solomon - He had over 700 wives! (1 Kings 11:3)

Way to go Andrea from Cambridge!

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