Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Much of the Joy Ride has been off the air this afternoon as our Tower Climbers do work on-site.  It's a good thing the work is happening - but unfortunate that you can't hear the great music in your car!  But you can listen ANYTIME from our website:  CLICK HERE to stream Joy 102.5!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jason Gray

Just like Moses, Jason Gray has become a leader in his field despite the odds stacked against him.  He grew up as a chronic stutterer in an abusive home, but through the Grace of Jesus Christ, struggles to make his music about loving people.

Jason Gray is from Minnesota (Ducks fly together!). It's cold in Minnesota. He spent six years in youth ministry before going into full time music ministry in 1999.  Besides writing and performing his own music, he has collaborated with many other artists including Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson, Joel Hanson, Jason Ingram and more!

His latest album is all about reaching those who feel cast asside.  “With all my songs, I want to be conscientious of the person who feels like an outsider, excluded because of their pain. I hope by acknowledging difficulty, heartbreak, and pain that I can cast a line for them to hold onto and be drawn in.”

Jason Gray also struggles with the pressure between art and business. "There is constant pressure in our entertainment oriented culture to be amazing and impressive," Jason says, "to wow audiences with gimmicks, to get on the charts. I wrestle against that because it can be a heart killer and completely irrelevant to God's calling in my life. I'd rather be real than impressive."

Album: A Way To See In The Dark

Twitter: @jasongraymusic



Video: Remind Me Who I Am

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