Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This week is flying by.
Probably because children and parents are prepping for school to start in a couple of weeks.
You know what they say, "Time flies when you are terrified about your babies going back to school..." Or something like that.

Chynna & Vaughan

The duo of Chynna & Vaughan is the result of a divine collaboration between two artists with diverse musical backgrounds but shared journeys of faith.

Chynna Phillips achieved vast international fame and recognition as a member of the pop sensation, Wilson Phillips.  Despite this extraordinary success, Chynna did not experience true joy and peace until she gave her life to Jesus Christ.

Vaughan Penn earned respect and credibility in the national independent music scene by receiving such accolades as “Top 40 Breakthrough Artist of the Year” (New Music Weekly Awards 2007.) Her songs have been prominently featured in over 100 films and television programs including Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Boston Public, The Hills, Laguna Beach, and many others.  When Vaughan was faced with a life-threatening medical condition four years ago, she committed her music career to God. After recovering, she began to write songs to encourage others to develop a relationship with Christ.

Although their musical career paths were distinctive and unique, Chynna & Vaughan formed a creative partnership based on their mutual passion to share the hope of Christ with a hurting world.  They both have other musical and film interests which they pursue.

Bust A Move: Chynna Phillips was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars last year.

Album: One Reason

Twitter: @ChynnaVaughan



Video: Garden Promise

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Q:  What question did a resurrected Jesus ask Peter three times?

A:  Do you love me? (John 21)

Congrats to Jenny in Hurlock, MD!


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