Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Yay - SNOW!

Bethany Dillon

Bethany Dillon was only 14 years old when she first hit the Christian music charts.  What had you accomplished at 14?  That's what I thought. Now, in her 20's - she's a veteran of the industry, married to Shane Barnard (of Shane & Shane fame) and mother to Lucy and Haven.

Bethany and Shane make music a family event.  Bethany tours with her husband, singing with the duo often, occassionally playing her music, but mostly enjoying life on the road with her family.

Bethany was born in Bellefontaine, OH - but now calls Texas home, with hubby Shane and daughters Lucy and Haven.  She learned the guitar at age 10, recorded an indie album at 13 and was signed to a major Christian label at 14.  She had to be home-schooled, right?

CCM Magazine hailed her as the future of contemporary Christian music... when her debut album dropped.  She's worked with award winning producers Ed Cash, Ben Glover, Will Hunt and John Alagia throughout the years.  Everyone describes her as an old soul.  Which, I'm not sure a teenage girl would take as a complement.

Movies: Her music has been featured in a variety of movie soundtracks including Bridge to Terabithia and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Album: Stop & Listen

Twitter: @bethanydillon


Video: The Kingdom Live/Acoustic

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Q:  How old was David when he was made king of Israel? (w/in 2 years)

A:  30 (2 Samuel 5)

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