Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

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The Rhett Walker Band

Rhett Walker is the son of a preacher man - through and through.  Raised in the deep South, expected to behave and perform as any preacher's kid is.  But when Rhett's family up and moved when he was 16 and enjoying high school - Rhett rebelled.  He got involved with a rough crowd, got in fights, began to drink and do drugs.  In no time, Rhett was expelled from his new high school.  His folks sent him to a private Christian school where he continued to push boundaries and got his new girlfriend pregnant.

Rhett was 17 - just a Junior in high school.  He was high most of the time. He had turned away from God. He had gotten his girlfriend pregnant.  Reality came crashing down.  And here's where Rhett Walker's story of repentance begins.

Rhett sat down with his pregnant girlfriend April and begged forgiveness.  He and April got married (while still in high school).  Rhett recommitted his life to Christ, threw out the drugs and by the power of the Holy Spirit began to prove his life change was the work of God.

He and April graduated high school, worked as much as they could and welcomed their first child, daughter Rileigh.  Rhett began leading worship at his church.  They continued to mature as both adults and followers of Christ.  They had a second child, a son named Jett two years later.  Throughout this time, Rhett led worship and made music whenever time afforded.  His local success became regional success and eventually national recognition.  This allowed him to quit working in a local factory and provide for his family with music.

The rebellious teenager became the courageous family man; those two scared kids who did everything wrong just a few years back are, by God’s grace, striving to do everything right and even counseling other couples using themselves as a cautionary tale.

Despite incredible success in 2012 and more expected in 2013, Rhett is still leading worship at his home church.

“I’m blessed with a beautiful wife and two children who have walked with me every step of the way. My faith, my family, and my country are the most important things in my life." - Rhett Walker

Albums: Come To The River & The Other Sides EP

Twitter: @rhettwalkerband

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Video: Can't Break Me Acoustic

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