Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

It's that time of year again - when we all look forward to filing our taxes (hooray!)...

An Epic, No Less

The story of An Epic, No Less began with Todd Larson.  Todd was aware of God's calling on his life to lead worship - but he fought it.  He refused to play Christian music because he felt it wasn't cool enough - it didn't challenge the artist in him enough.  So he played in several rock bands - not living a depraved lifestyle - but not not following God's calling either.

During a mission trip with his church, Todd found himself scraping cement off of hollow walls in a slum somewhere in Uganda.  He was alone, bored and a little scared - and it was in this place that God showed Todd what praise and worship really is.  His heart was forever changed - and his determination to answer God's call.

With his best friend, drummer Daniel Chancellor - and Daniel's wife Hannah, they formed An Epic, No Less. All three were committed to worship and also to exploring musically what that might sound like.  Their sound is certainly a different take on praise and worship - a musical genre dominated by acoustic guitar and a G, C, D chord progression.  But as determined as the group is to create lovely music - they stand on one simple goal: to help people in worship and prayer.

The Name: The band's name comes from a John Eldridge quote, “..because they knew the Christian life as an epic, no less than the greatest myths the world has ever known.”

About a Song: Mercy Light emerged from the Biblical account of the request of Moses to behold the glory of God. The chorus voices that desire. “You’re my mercy light, in the darkest night. All I ask, don’t hide Yourself from me.”

In The Band:
Todd Larson (Voice/Piano)
Daniel Chancellor (Drums)
Hannah Chancellor (Piano/Voice)
Britney Stutz (Violin)
Neil Endicott (Guitar)

Awesomesauce: Although MTV doesn't have much to do with music any more these days - apparently their website still spotlights up and coming bands - and AE,NL go their video for Mercy Light posted! That's pretty awesome for this unabashedly Christian band!

Album: Echo of Love

Twitter: @anepicnoless



Video: Come To The Cross Acoustic

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Q:  Who was the first appointed king of Israel?

A:  Saul (1 Samuel)

Way to go, Susan in Stockton, MD!


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