Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

12 Days until Spring!

What's New In Christian Music:

Anthem Song
by Aaron Gillespie | Genre: Alternative/Worship

Passion: Here For You
by Passion Worship Band | Genre: Praise & Worship

Death, A Destination
by Demon Hunter | Genre: Hard Rock
*3-CD set of all of Demon Hunter's albums

Ad Astra Per Aspera
by Abandon Kansas | Genre: Rock

50 Year Celebration
by The Mighty Clouds Of Joy | Genre: Gospel

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This Oregon based rock group is in the midst of a second musical career. After selling nearly 2 million records and touring the world as a preeminent Christian rock quintet, Kutless found a new voice producing quality worship records.

Their first worship album was Strong Tower - and not only was it a hit with critics and fans, but it revealed the true nature of Kutless' calling - to bring people closer to Jesus. In any industry there is pressure to repeat success and Kutless approached the matter hesitantly. They didn't want to produce another worship record just because everyone loved the first one. The band knew that worship has to be authentic. With much prayer and council from their pastors, Kutless created It Is Well.

This task required a great humility from a group of guys who started Kutless to make rock music. Kutless bass player Dave Luetkenhoelter said, "We let go of some of the expectations among ourselves and also realized the heart determines what is worship, not necessarily musical style . . . This isn’t about who we are but who God is."

Latest Album: Kutless: The Beginning


Featured Video: Everything I Need

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: According to the Law, what is the penalty for anyone who attacks his mother or father?

A: Death (Exodus 21:15)

Congratulations, Dan!

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