Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday! The downward spiral towards the weekend has hit - but as my wife reminds me, "don't live for the weekend - just live!"

Tammy Trent

Tammy Trent's ministry reaches all around the world, taking on such platforms as the Women of Faith and the Revolve Tour as a featured speaker and singer. And in Tammy's own words, "I commit my resources to outreach, service and ministry to help others discover a real relationship with Jesus Christ and to fully understand His promises and the eternal."

A powerful voice of hope comes with a heavy price. Tammy has been through unimaginable heartache. Her husband (Trent) died tragically in a scuba diving accident in 2001. Just as her career was taking off, life stopped.

Years removed from the tragedy, Tammy looks back and acknowledges God's constant presence through the despair: "There is hope. There is a future. God's got a bigger plan than any of us know. He's not surprised by any of this. I'm shocked. He's not surprised. My faith has been built on Jesus Christ. My hope has been built on Jesus Christ."

Latest Album:

Children's Book:
The Log Family (Potty Training Book for toddlers)

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Scriptural Pursuit

Q: In Luke's Gospel, who is the only apostle to actually investigate the empty tomb?

A: Peter (Luke 24:12)

Congratulations, GiGi!

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