Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a beautiful day outside - but I know many are experiencing heartache and hard times. If that is you - we want to pray for you.

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Justin Unger

Justin Unger wants to create - just like the Creator - " a songwriter I believe that each new melody and lyric is nothing shy of a miracle, and even a gift from the Chief Creator Himself."

Justin was raised in a Christian home in Phoenix, AZ. Justin says that it was in 8th Grade that he really made his faith in Christ his own. Middle School is usually a time when we search for our identity - and Justin found his identity solely in Jesus Christ. It was in the summer after 8th grade that Justin wrote his first song titled “To Know You Love Me” with his grandfather Larry Wright.

After winning a songwriting competition in Colorado in 2000, Justin moved to Nashville (still in high school) to nail down a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Justin joined the group Across The Sky and began touring - opening for Mark Schultz, Avalon, Downhere and many others. Two years of touring passed quickly. Justin got married and he and his wife welcomed their first child, Carson.

The Unger family then headed to Prescott, AZ where Justin became the worship leader at The Heights Church. Flash forward to today - Justin is still leading worship and recording and touring on the side. Now his family is four kids strong and life is full!

Latest Album:
Some Good Advice


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Who built a city called Enoch, east of Eden?

A: Cain (Genesis 4:17)

Congratulations, Josh!

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