Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Holy Week. Around the world, Christians are celebrating, praying and preparing for Easter Sunday - which is sort of the biggest day in the History of the World.

Think about it.

Without Christ rising from the grave, He was just a teacher of love. But because He is also God - and ALIVE - the world has Hope! So if you are feeling hopeless - embrace this week. Study the Gospels - go to church - and watch as Christ opens amazing hope into your life!

Tree 63

Hailing from Durban, South Africa - this pop rock trio has spent the last decade touring the world with a message of encouragement for the body of Christ - and hope for those who don't yet know Him! Tree 63's music sounds like U2 but happier. They've toured with fellow foreigners The Newsboys and Rebecca St. James.

While they saw huge success in Australia and the UK - Tree 63 got plenty of US radio play with hits like Blessed Be The Name and Sunday. Still after 12 years together, Tree 63 disbanded - leaving a legacy of great music and lasting friendships around the world.

Lead singer John Ellis is striking out on his own with his debut solo release Own Way Home. This leaves the future of Tree 63 up in the air. John left Nashville and brought his young family back to his native South Africa.

Tree 63 is:
John Ellis
Darryl Swart
Daniel Ornellas

Final Album: Sunday!


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Which American President published an edition of the Gospels that left out all of the supernatural elements - including the resurrection of Christ?

A: Thomas Jefferson

Congratulations to Mark of Salisbury - picking up a copy of Jonny Diaz brand new album!

Taxes are due today. If you waited this long, and this surprises you ... I have no response to that.

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