Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April, 12, 2011


Jonny Diaz
by Jonny Diaz | Genre: Pop/Rock

Close To You
by Marc Danyell | Genre: Gospel

The Seas We Sail
by Tidewater | Genre: Pop/Rock

by Laura Story | Genre: Adult Contemporary

You Hold It All
by New Life Worship | Genre: Praise & Worship

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Matt Brouwer

Matt Brouwer is originally from Nova Scotia - which is not a program on PBS as I originally thought, but the frozen tundra of Canada, eh. Now Matt calls Texas home - and continues to write, produce and lead worship at his church and all across North America!

After making his debut in 2001, Matt stepped away from a hectic touring schedule to focus on missions. He took extended trips to Venezuela, Poland, Jamaica and Guatemala. Like most who see God at work outside of the confines of America, Matt was struck by how deep faith was when put together with abject poverty and persecution.

It was those convictions that spurred him onward in his musical career, crafting songs that were at once worshipful and unafraid to ask hard questions about faith and God.

Latest Album: Where's Our Revolution

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Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What nation suffered 10 plagues that were signs of God's power?

A: Egypt (Exodus 10:2)

Congratulations, Carol! She won Third Day's Offerings album!

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