Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

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Aaron Shust

Aaron Shust is first and foremost a worship leader. In fact, he wrote his first hit songs for his church. My Savior, My God was destined to be more than just a local favorite on Sundays. That song topped six different charts at once on its way to becoming the most played song of 2006 on Christian radio!

My Savior, My God earned Aaron Shust a trio of Dove Awards for “Song of the Year,” “Songwriter of the Year,” and “New Artist of the Year.” In no time, the Georgia-based songwriter was sharing the stage with the likes of superstars MercyMe, Bebo Norman, Casting Crowns, Michael W. Smith, Jeremy Camp, Brandon Heath, and TobyMac, in between his own headline stints!

After living in Atlanta for ten years, in early 2010 he and his wife made the decision to pull up stakes and and move their young family back to Aaron’s Pennsylvania hometown. In less than a year, he was invited to take on the role of worship leader in the church he had grown up in.

“It’s a little church,” says Aaron. “No fancy lights, doesn’t have a great sound system. But it’s a part of the fabric of my life and my family’s life. My grandmother went to that church. My family has generations of roots there. It’s where I first heard the gospel and was baptized. I feel like this is my home, and these are my people."

The support of their local church became critical to Aaron and his wife as they walked through their son’s medical issues. Diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, a rare and extremely painful condition, two-year-old Nicky was unable to take in any nutrition.  After many failed treatments, Nicky responded to some medication.  It was a mixed blessing because the treatment would require him to be on strong medications and steroids for all of his life.  Then came a miracle.  Their son’s tests came back normal. It was as if he’d never even had the condition. What was considered to be a permanent disease seemed to have disappeared. The doctor could offer no explanation as to why.

Album: This Is What We Believe



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