Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Atmospheres is the worship ministry at C3 Church Asheville, NC. The collective of musicians and singers based in C3 Church Asheville have crafted a powerful sound, with unexpected quality out of a church plant in the not so urban area of the Smokey Mountains.

C3 challenges any music ministry to add their songs to their worship line-up, but with the warning "you'll need a strong electric guitarist" because "there ain't much acoustic-worship leading here."

Atmospheres (the name taken by C3 Asheville's music ministry) has unassumingly obliterated every stereotype conjured by descriptives like 'small church', 'first album', and 'worship music' with songs that are epic and sweeping declarations of faith and vision. 

The group is fronted by Steve Deal, a native of Australia who served at a C3 church in Lawrenceville, GA before heading to Appalachia.  Another worship leader, Stephen von Heyking, relocated from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to join Steve Deal with the intent of building upon an already urgent and unconventional musical culture in the North Carolina Mountains.

Album: Atmospheres

Twitter: @c3asheville

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Video: Grace Holds On


Q: How many baskets full of food were collected after the feeding of the 5,000?

A: 12 (Matthew 14:20)

Way to go Donna!

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