Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Todd Agnew

The modern world says that to have a need is a bad thing, but Todd Agnew has discovered that we are all built with needs.  Needs that can only be fulfilled by our creator.  Many of his worship songs are about this void that we try to fill - only to discover there is a perfect fit - Jesus Christ.

Todd's life changes dramatically in 2010 when he got married and became a step-dad to two children! To go from a single, touring worship leader/speaker to a married dad with a mortgage has had a humbling impact in his life - and left his heart wide open for a sense of grace that he had never imagined.

“I’ve always been kind of the hammer – walk in, speak the truth, blow up the town, walk off and let all the pastors apply that truth or pick up the pieces. Now I’m having very similar things in my marriage and in my life, where I’m definitely someone who sees the truth that needs to be spoken, but I’m watching my wife who always see the love that needs to be shared.”

In his upcoming album, Todd expounds on his new found loves - his family and how it mirrors God's love for us.

Album: How To Be Loved (out March 6, 2012)



Want More?

Video: In The Middle of Me (fan video)


Q: What son of Adam and Eve was regarded as a replacement for Abel?

A: Seth (Genesis 4:25)

Congratulations to Toni of Seaford, DE!

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