Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's the first Joy Ride of 2012!  So lets do it right...

Jonny Diaz

Jonny comes from a family of overachievers. Both he and two of his brothers went to Florida State University on FULL BASEBALL SCHOLARSHIPS!  FSU has a tremendous reputation in the world of college baseball - these guys are talented - Two of them went pro!  In fact, Jonny's brother Matt plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates! But a year into college, Jonny found his calling was music and not playing ball. Turning away from a full ride, he focused on what God called him to do - and it is paying off in spades!

From the beginning of his music career, Diaz’s desire has been to write songs that entertain, encourage and challenge fellow believers.  Jonny Diaz on writing songs: “I attempted to break free from some of the traditional confines of Christian music, but I couldn’t get away from the fact that most of my songs revolve around my relationship with Christ. He is the focus of my life and I find it impossible to honestly record my emotions and my journey without including Him."

Back when Diaz started playing music in college, he told himself he would continue as long as people were interested – and he feels that it is clearer now more than ever that this is what God has for him. “I love making music; it’s challenging and fun,” he says, “but my prayer is always: Whatever God wants me to do, that is where I want to be. It a prayer of abandon to be used by God wherever and whenever.”

Fun Fact: The secret track on the new album is his "Chick Fil-A song."

Album: Jonny Diaz




How to Play Waiting Room


Q: What was the name of the island where Paul and his companions landed after the shipwreck?

A: Malta (Acts 28:1)

Score for Josiah in Milford!

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