Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's the second week of 2012.  Are you doing well on your Resolutions?
So far so good with me...


It's everywhere.  Polls, debates, talk shows.  It's overwhelming. 
I don't know who to believe or even if anyone can be believed!  I did stumble across this web-tool on USA Today's website, that lets you answer questions about your political thoughts and beliefs and it rates the pundits based on who best represents you.
It's pretty cool.  CHECK IT OUT for yourself if you have the time.


MIKESCHAIR was born out of a dorm room at Nashville's Belmont University. Music could always be heard coming out of Mike Grayson's dorm room, attracting other musicians to volunteer in his jam sessions. Before long, a band had formed!

Though they love music, each member of MIKESCHAIR admits it’s about so much more. “We all really have this desire to be involved in ministry,” Hale says. “We are obviously all really passionate about music, but we always want it to be about something more. We saw that we all had the same heart for this and then God just kept opening doors.”

MIKESCHAIR has experienced a great deal since the release of their debut album. Not only have they toured extensively, they’ve also maintained their heart for missions to work and be involved with the international relief agencies such as Food for the Hungry and Buckner International; organizations that help at risk orphans. The band members have traveled abroad to Haiti with Food for the Hungry and to South & Central America with Buckner International.

Some bands have to tour a long time to get their big break - but just a few weeks into the band's inception, the guys won Belmont University's Music Showcase competition, got signed to CURB Records, played a ton of shows and got themselves nominated at the Dove Awards for Song of The Year (For Let The Waters Rise).

The Name: How did the name "MIKESCHAIR" come about? Well, the rest of the guys lived on a different floor of the dorm - but Mike was the epicenter of the band - so the guys bought Mike a chair to make him feel more at home hanging out of their floor of the dorm. Since college boys don't like sharing, Mike put a sign on the chair reading, "Mike's chair."

A Beautiful Life


Tour: CLICK HERE  (Currently on tour with Jars of Clay & Jonny Diaz)


Video: Let The Waters Rise (Live @ The Dove Awards)


Q:hat future liberator was found floating in a basket in the river?

A: Moses (Exodus 2:3-5)

Way to go Nate from Eden, MD!


This kid uses a Nerf gun to pull his loose tooth.  Totally.  Awesome.
(It's not graphic - just awesome)

<a href=';vid=eb4ac7cb-8ab9-4d9e-86a5-772dae87f5f5&amp;from=en-us_msnhp&amp;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Nerf Gun Tooth Removal'>Video: Nerf Gun Tooth Removal</a>

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