Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

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Jeremy Horn

On his 15th birthday, Jeremy Horn's older brother gave him a guitar.  And that was the beginning of his life's calling. Over the next month's using an old "learn guitar" book he found in the attic, Jeremy taught himself how to play.  Horn’s zeal to serve God with his musical gifts has resulted in a flourishing role as worship leader at Christ the Rock Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

Horn was born and raised in Memphis, a town where the music is as much a part of life as great barbque (afterall, Memphis is where Elvis called home)!   He grew up listening to Big Tent Revival, Skillet and his parent's old DeGarmo & Key cassettes. As a teenager, he got a job as a temp (answering phones and making coffee) at Ardent Records (a great Christian record label).

Today, Horn is a married father of two young boys, and he’s still part of the Ardent family - though now as a recording artist. He knows his way around a guitar and a recording studio after years of helping other musicians.  And with Sound of the Broken he offers an album of worship meant to remind us that the Spirit of God rests inside of broken people, and that God wants to use us to tell His story of redemption.

Album: Sound Of The Broken

Twitter: @jeremyhorn



Video: Tutorial: How to Play Surrender

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