Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

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The City Harmonic

In 2011, a band hailing from Ontario, Canada made a tremendous splash into the United States.  Their debut album Introducing The City Harmonic featured a hit song that captivated the American Christian radio audience and scored a surprise late hit.  The song was Manifesto.  That one track soared to #5 on iTunes and swiftly got over 1 million hits on YouTube.  Before the end of 2011, The City Harmonic became the best selling new artist on Billboard’s Top Current Digital Sales Chart.

The band's first full-length album I Have A Dream has already conquered the airwaves with hit songs like the title track and their latest Mountaintop.  It'd be one thing if their popularity was fueled simply by their creative piano driven rock sound, but it's the lyrical depth that gives the band staying power.  Many times, taken directly from scripture, always doctorinely sound, and constantly surging towards moments of worship - The City Harmonic's songs have been called "a roadmap with only one route, to sum up the journey of faith and mystery."

“Being a Christian now is more difficult than it was 200 years ago,” Elias says of the thematic trail. “We face tragedy at every turn because of the way our media and culture operates. The stories of this world have let us down. Politics have let us down. We try to cope with it by becoming apathetic or by hiding in the Christian bubble—some altered version of the American dream where living for Christ leads to personal comfort— even misguided Christian stories can let us down and this is the tension of the world we live in.  Christianity isn’t a tool to escape suffering, it’s a lens by which we understand it and the means by which we live through it. Our culture is built on the notion that our spirituality can be compartmentalized but, simply put, the Christian story isn’t.  We can go from mountaintop to valley in the span of a day, and in the midst of that valley Christ calls us to love our neighbors, our enemies, just as if we were with them on the mountaintop. Apathy may be a natural result of today’s broken world, but the Christian story is that Christ is redeeming his creation and we have a role to play as the body of Christ.”

Prayer: Eric Fusilier, guitarist for the band, is currently undergoing treatment for ALL, or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  It's a difficult journey, fighting cancer while touring around the world.  His wife and bandmates are standing by him throughout the process, but the band has been very public in asking fans and friends to pray for God's hand to be upon the situation.

The City Harmonic is:
Elias Dummer
Eric Fusilier
Aaron Powell
Josh Vanderlaan

Album: I Have A Dream (This Feels Like Home)

Twitter: @TheCityHarmonic



Video: I Have A Dream (This Feels Like Home)

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Q:  Who was the elderly prophetess who rejoiced at seeing Jesus at his presentation in the Temple as a baby?

A:  Anna (Luke 2)

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