Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's not hot out there.  It's all in  your head.  Or was that a heat stroke?

Chris Sligh

Chris Sligh entered the American Idol spotlight and earned a lot of fans.  Ultimately he didn't win the singing competition, but that time in the spotlight earned him a shot in the music industry.  While he could have written and performed in the secular market, Sligh felt called to use his talents to minister to Christians.

“I chose to be in Christian music. I walked away from a mainstream record deal because I felt like this was where God had me.” - Chris Sligh

Chris Sligh signed with Word records and has written and produced a couple of fantastic albums.  On top of his own music, Sligh writes and produces for other artists - in fact, he's penned over 150 songs for other musicians, both Christian and secular (including the Rascall Flatts hit Here Comes Goodbye.

“I’m not writing happy songs for you to clap along with,” he says. “I’m writing songs to challenge you to be a better person.” - Chris Sligh

More recently, Sligh has stepped out of the limelite to focus on being a husband and father - and most importantly a man of God.  He's the worship pastor at Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot, CO (just North of Boulder).

New Music: Chris Sligh has been working quietly on a new album to be entitled For Our God & King.  The album will be an indie release and the plan is to give it away for free!  CLICK HERE to check out the latest on the project.

Fun Fact: Chris was asked to play Shrek on Broadway, but his post-Idol tour conflicted.

Album: The Anatomy of Broken

Twitter: @ChrisSligh


The Experience of Worship: TUMBLR


Video: Empty Me (live at Church)

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