Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursdays can be great, too, you know.  It's not likely, but possible...

August Rain

The inception of August Rain resulted from a few early song collaborations between drummer Frank Bowen and then guitarist Josh Kirk in 2009.   Fellow musicians Denise Bowen, Paul Kendall and Matthew Janzen were quickly recruited to share in the pursuit of developing the band's initial sound.

Barely a year old, August Rain embarked on a journey to record an album of original music.   Recording veteran Jonathan David Brown produced the album, with the hope that the songs and the sound would be a fresh voice in christian music.   The appeal of that initial recording went beyond expectations, gaining airplay on numerous radio and internet stations.   In turn, the success of the music opened up opportunities to perform to a variety of audiences in concert and through TV appearances.

With the departure of lead singer Josh Kirk in the fall of 2010, August Rain turned to Matthew Janzen to front the group and Erich Janzen was brought in to assume the bass guitar duties.   The change in lead vocal dynamics broadened the musical style which is reflected in the overall production of their newest album "Time."

The unique appeal of the music is its ability to reach people with a spiritual message without invoking a "preachy" style.   Their goal is to give the listener an experience that goes beyond the immediate or as one industry executive endorses "a music style that you just can't get out of your head; in a good way!"

Album: Time 



Video: Yahweh Highway

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Q:  How did the mourners respond when Jesus told them the that daughter of Jairus was no dead but only sleeping?

A: They laughed. (Mark 5)

Way to go, Sarah in Greenwood, DE!


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