Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

I am a morning person. Sort of.

I like to sleep in, but I operate best when I get up and moving in the morning. Sometimes I'll hit the treadmill an hour before the rest of the family is up - just for some quiet time. But some mornings the blankets are so warm - the house so cold - that it is hard to imagine that anything good could come of moving away from the bed.

Mornings are a special time to me. I think they represent Hope unlike any other time of day. Christ is all about new beginnings. Freedom from sin - the promise of life - the joy of the Spirit! I am tuned in to those aspects of the Christian walk best in the mornings.

The challenge is to try and hold on to that throughout a busy, often times frustrating day. This afternoon I hope that together we can recapture that Hope of the morning - even as the sun prepares to set.


Forbe's Magazine released their list of the Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World. The US is #10. The top 3 are a genuine surprise! Check them out HERE.

Rush Of Fools

Alabama based Rush of Fools were an immediate success when they cropped up on the scene in 2007. Their debut and follow up album each provided radio hits - big sales - and successful tours. Such immediate success has left them wondering What do you do if at first you DO succeed?!

The band is fully aware of the trappings of success and fight hard to be good husbands and servants. Touring full time keeps them away from home and family sometimes, and that can be stressful. This summer the guys will be taking a step back from touring to be the worship band for Centrifuge at Ridgecrest, North Carolina. They'll get to spend the summer with their families and impacting the lives of teenagers.

Rush Of Fools:
Kevin Huguley – BGV’s, electric guitar & keys
Wes Willis - Lead Vocals, acoustic guitar
Jacob Chesnut – Bass
Jamie Sharpe – Drums
Dustin Sauder – Electric guitar

Latest Album: Wonder Of The World


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What 2 people walked on the water?

A: Jesus & Peter (Matthew 14:22-32)

Congratulations, Tony!

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