Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There's a term for folks who are into the posh-food scene. They are called "foodies." While I'm not a foodie, I'd love to be able to afford to be one! Every year there are trends in food - just like clothes and cars and pretty much anything anyone sells. The idea behind a trend is to create the need to replace something that is probably just fine - but since we live in a consumer based society, we have to sell something!

Here are some food trends for 2011:

* Expect to see Coconut Water in the hands of celebrities. It is pretty much an all natural sports drink (think frou-frou Gatoraid). Low in calories, refreshing and all natural doesn't sound bad to me...

* Gluten-free grains and cereals will pop up. While most of us aren't allergic to gluten (a protein found in wheat), designer grains sound fancy in a dish. I like gluten. Maybe it will go on sale now ...

* Because of a burgeoning market of Food Trucks - expect to find more ethnic "fast food." Kabobs, hummus, tempura fried - anything mildly exotic might become standard fare at what used to just be Taco Trucks.

* Thai Iced Tea will show up under the Beverages section of many menus. While it is a refreshing fruity drink - its loaded with sugar so trick yourself into thinking it is a health drink.

Prepare for the word "Artisian" to crop up at the grocery store. Cheeses, bacons, breads - all specially crafted in order to cost more. They might be more delicious than crescent rolls and cheddar - but you will pay through the snobby nose for them!

The age of the almond ends with people turning to seeds. Especially sunflower seeds offer healthy omega-3 fats just like almonds and salmon. Doesn't flax-seed sound delicious?

* Macarons (little puffy meringue sandwich cookies - not the coconut based macaroons) are the replacement for the cupcake fad. They have fewer calories than cupcakes, but its like biting into sugar flavored air.

So if you are an aspiring foodie - learn the lingo - try the food - and most importantly to the foodie subculture - blog about it and talk incessantly about the foreign delicacies you have partaken until you have no friends left.

Sara Groves

This Minnesota girl (originally from New Jersey) is a former teacher whose gift for songwriting has propelled her life to a very different place than creating lesson plans. Respected by her CCM peers, songwriters and producers - Sara's emotive and honest songs have captivated audiences from incredibly diverse walks of life.

Fireflies & Songs features songs that take a more personal look than any of her albums before. Now a married mother of three, balancing life with music leads to a passionate and poignant picture of life - the struggles and successes.

In 2005 she and her husband Troy led a group from their church down to New Orleans to help the community of Slidell after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the area. I personally remember her visiting and can tell you that her act of service impacted many lives that week.

Latest Album: Fireflies & Songs


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What prophet had his lips touched with a live coal by a seraph (angel)?

A: Isaiah (Isaiah 6:5-7)

Congratulations, Melissa!

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