Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today is my daughter's 1st birthday! She doesn't know why she got her favorite breakfast (pancakes) or why there are streamers all over the dining room or why Mommy and Daddy have been so extra cuddly - but we do! This weekend we have a lot family and friends coming over to celebrate her birthday, but today is that special day that my wife (Elena) and I get to think back over the most life changing year we've had yet.

So happy birthday, Kaylee. Love, Daddy.

Jonny Diaz

When Jonny Diaz headed off to Florida State University on a baseball scholarship in the fall of 2002, he was prepared to focus his time and efforts on his athletic skills. However, God had other plans and He began a work in Jonny’s life that led him to put down his bat and glove and instead, pick up his guitar. Jonny is the youngest of four brothers - all of whom went to college on baseball scholarships. His brother Matt currently plays for the Atlanta Braves. So it was a shock to the family when this jock got all intimate on the acoustic guitar.

Jonny’s debut album, Shades of White, released August 2003 as he entered his sophomore year of college. A few years later, More Beautiful You (his third album) struck gold with the title track - a loving anthem of self-worth for young women. Jonny has had the opportunity to open in concert for some of Christian music’s biggest acts (Mercy Me, Stephen Curtis Chapman, ect). He has also performed at some of the largest Christian music festivals in the country (Atlanta Fest, Alive and more). Although he primarily travels as an acoustic act, Jonny has an amazing group of musicians who join him for full band shows.

Latest Album: More Beautiful You


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What is the 3rd book of the Bible?

A: Leviticus

Congratulations, Trish!

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