Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's weird to have a weekend that isn't somehow a holiday. That has been the case for a few weeks - added to it, the snow we had after Christmas. This week was wholly normal, which is not normal for the last little while. Confused? Me too. But happy weekend!

Jadon Lavik

When Jadon Lavik enrolled at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, he had two dreams for himself - a baseball career, and studies in business finance. All that changed, though, when Lavik began falling in love with music and the power it had to influence, encourage, and inspire people's lives.

Jadon was born in Redmond, Washington, where he was raised in a Christian home with his parents and two siblings. Although he had some experience with music early in life playing violin and guitar, he was most energized about sports and desired to pursue a baseball career. But after an internship at Saddleback church in Southern California, the calling on his life became glaringly obvious.

Now married with two kids, Jadon ministers in the local church and tours the country playing music whenever he can. He also has two Christmas records - which makes him even cooler in my eyes!
Latest Album: Art & Soul


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Name one of the two books of the Bible named after priests.

A: Ezra and Ezekiel are the answers! This was a hard one!

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