Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today I get to talk with J. Jackson of Apologetix.
Psyched about their show this Saturday night at Allen Memorial Baptist Church!
Check out the deets HERE!


Downhere is actually from up there - Canada. Or as I like to call the Great White North - North Minnesota. Jason and Marc - co-lead singers of Downhere - met in college and have been laughing, writing and playing music together for over a decade. It's that friendship and sense of calling that keeps Downhere plugging away, even though the past decade has been anything but kind to the recording industry.

The band has been nominated for dozens of Dove Awards, Juno Awards, Covenant Awards and more. Sure most of those awards are "Canadian" but that doesn't make it less impressive. I mean how many awards have you been nominated for? That's what I thought...

The goal of the band's last album Ending Is Beginning: "a soundtrack for authentic Christian living. We try and take the truth we know from the Word, apply it to our lives, and create prayers, almost liturgies, which people can sing along to in their own pursuits."

Band Line-Up:
Jason Germain - co-lead singer/guitar
Marc Martel - vocals/guitar
Glenn Lavender - bass
Jeremy Thiessen - drums

Latest Album:
On The Altar Of Love (Due Out August 2011 - preorder HERE)

Want More?

Preview of new single Let Me Rediscover You

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Whose wife caused Joseph to be thrown into an Egyptian jail?

A: Potipher's wife

Way to go David - a first time winner!

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