Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Saturday I'll (Josh) be broadcasting live from the Francis Scott Key Family Resort in Ocean City, MD for the Ride Across Maryland - a motorcycle ride-fundraiser to fight cancer.

I can't wait, but I have absolutely no motorcycle experience. Are you a rider? Learn more about Dick Gelfman's "Ride Across Maryland."


Josh's Recipe:
* Fill blender half-way with ice.
* 1 Cup (overflowing) Real Lemon
* 3/4 Cup Sugar
* Fill the rest of the blender with water (leaving some space at the top for blending)
* Blend until frothy on top. Serve immediately.

JJ Heller

Most overnight successes take years to accomplish. For example, JJ Heller began writing and performing music full time with her husband Dave back in 2003. But it was just last year that her song "Your Hands" skyrocketed her to Christian radio recognition. Only in the entertainment industry can a 7 year career be classified as an over-night success.

When I'm With You
is actually JJ Heller's 4th studio album - but it might as well be her debut. JJ is expecting her second daughter in September, yet continues to tour with her husband as God is using their music to impact lives. When you listen to JJ Heller, listen for honesty and melody. It's those two words that define her style and life.

Latest Album: When I'm With You


Music Video: Control (song coming soon to Joy!)

Scriptural Pursuit

Q:What bald prophet was the performer of many miracles and the successor to another (similarly named) prophet?

A: Elisha (1-2 Kings)

Way to go, Richard!

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