Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

What a weekend?!
Wait ... I think I mean "What weekend?"
That happened way too fast - and Shareathon is next week! It's pandemonium here at WOLC - but you can help us calm down by renewing your faith commitment.
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102.5 Shore Things
Getting to Know the Eastern Shore!

#80. Furnace Town

The Nassawango Iron Furnace was started in 1829 near Snow Hill, MD. The Village of Nassawango Hills developed in support of smelting iron. After it was abandoned in the 1850s the town crumbled until all that was left was the mighty brick furnace. Today, Furnace Town Living Heritage Museum offers a view of the village as it was then.

Restoration work of the historic site began with the Worcester County Historical Society in the 1960s. Now the museum offers programs in archaeology, history, nature, and artisan interpretations to educate the public.

December 4-5 they will host a 19th Century Christmas celebration!

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Born out of Texas, with a blend of American and Mexican flavor - Salvador continues to bring guitar driven, Spirit led music to the table.

The eleven songs on their sixth studio album, Aware, amply demonstrate the virtue of the American work ethic in producing fresh expressions of worship that are at once culturally relevant, original, and actually sound effortless, seamless, spontaneous.

A lot was going on during the recording of Aware:
“I have always depended on working hard and being diligent when it was time to get to work,” Nic explains. “My Dad was a ‘roll up your sleeves’ kind of guy. That is the heritage I come from. That was the approach I took for our first five records. But for Aware, I think God really stepped into my life in a different way. This time I leaned so much more on Christ. I had a new wife and we were getting ready to have a new baby. I didn’t have 20 hours a day to just be alone and write.”

Salvador proudly wears the label "jam band," guaranteeing that whenever you see them live - it will be different and special.

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Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Who wrote the 10 Commandments onto the stone tablets?

A: God (Exodus 24:12)
I wonder if God gave us more commandments today, if He'd use an iPad?

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