Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of Renewed Spirit Thrift Center and Impressions Hair & Nail Studio in Pittsville! They'll have food, music, face painting, free hair tinsel, braiding, and more.

I'll be there from 12-2 PM, so come on by and hang with me this Saturday!

102.5 Shore Things
Getting to Know the Eastern Shore!

#79. Apple Scrapple Festival

This weekend, lets all head to Bridgeville, DE to indulge in apples and scrapple! “Apple Scrapple” has grown from 2500 visitors in 1992 to over 25,000 now. It has become a major fundraiser for local community organizations and helps elevate awareness of the agricultural profession in lower Delaware. The gates opened at 4:15 PM today!

All weekend long there will be apple and scrapple themed events, including a fun-run, scrapple chunkin', games, music, and of course, a TON OF FOOD!

Can't get enough pork-bi-product and fresh apples? CLICK HERE

#78. Great Marsh in Cambridge
#77. Eat pizza at Nicola in Rohobeth
#76. Cherrystone littleneck clams in butter!
#75. Sharptown (MD) Firemen's Carnival

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(formerly The Michael Gungor Band)

Michael Gungor is an award winning song writer - having co-written "Friend of God" and Dove Award winner "Say So." But his experience in the Christian music industry left him feeling like a "professional Christian." His band was becoming disillusioned and yearned to follow God more honestly and passionately.

Michael Gungor has been leading worship since he was 12 years old, if you count an audience of 2- and 3-year olds. From there he graduated to children’s church, then youth group, then adults. Gungor studied jazz in college, then connected with teen ministry Acquire the Fire and a position at Resurrection Life Church in Michigan.

As Gungor’s idea of God and social responsibility evolved, so did his idea of church, so he and his wife moved to Denver and eventually founded a community of believers called Bloom. The new album Beautiful Things is centered on experiencing God through acts of social service and love.

“Musically, it’s kind of odd,” says Michael. “We rock pretty hard, then we pull out the banjo and sit around and cry together.” Indeed, the album closes with an extended instrumental session recorded live at a house in the Rockies, punctuated by a deeply emotional response to God’s presence.

Beautiful Things is pretty amazing.

Want more Gungor? CLICK HERE

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Who picked up 12 souvenir stones from the dry path across the Jordan River?

A: Joshua (Joshua 4:4-8)

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