Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tick, tock, tick, tock ...

AHHH! It's almost here! Shareathon is coming and these are hectic days at the station. We are scurrying about, tying up loose ends and preparing our hearts for the task at hand.

Please be praying for the Joy! family and get ready for Shareathon - October 20-22. If you haven't renewed your faith committment yet - please don't delay!

102.5 Shore Things
Getting to Know the Eastern Shore!

#78. Great Marsh in Cambridge
It's a view like no other - an epic look into life on the Chesapeake!

#77. Eat pizza at Nicola in Rohobeth
#76. Cherrystone littleneck clams in butter!
#75. Sharptown (MD) Firemen's Carnival

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Calling Levi

Calling Levi is a group of four gifted vocalists who have traveled throughout the country and all across the world. This full-time, traveling, vocal ministry is a family group of two sisters and their husbands. Last year alone the group traveled over 200 days lifting up the name of Christ and pointing others to Him. Those who know the ministry of Calling Levi know that their sole desire is to magnify Christ through heartfelt music and testimony. Although they place special importance on excellence in their program, their hearts are sincere and their worship genuine.

Levi (Matthew) was a tax collector that left everything behind to follow Jesus. The name, Calling Levi, was born out of the concept that Americans are living in the world’s wealthiest nation. We have so much! We are the Levi’s of our world. How are we responding to Christ’s call? Are we fully committing our lives and our possessions to His purpose?

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Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Who struck a rock and brought water from it?

A: Moses (Exodus 17:6)

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