Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

During the Holidays I usually end up making at least one or two airport runs. And since Southwest doesn't have many non-stops into Salisbury or Easton, that means driving over to BWI. I don't mind the drive - in fact I love going to airports. It is even better than the mall when it comes to people-watching, which is a little like bird watching, except not as boring.
When you people watch at the mall, you see moms fighting each other over the last Barbie on the shelf or teenagers flirting casually while sipping on their oh-so-cool coffee beverages (which FYI, contain almost no actual coffee). But at the airport, you see humanity stripped down to the bare soul. You see anxious spouses pacing in anticipation. You see children screaming for joy as they jump into the arms of their daddy back from war. You see silver haired grandparents pulling out presents from the carry-on - to excited to wait until Christmas. You see the ever socially conscious college student cry for joy as they hug their parents and feel the warmth of knowing they are really home.
The airport is a crossroads in modern life. In my life, the two dominating signs at the airport have been the cause of sadness, joy, excitement and determination. Those signs? ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE. But I'm reminded of some lyrics to a song from the 90s, "..every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Whether you are beginning or ending a beginning this Christmas, don't hesitate to show those you love, just how much you love them. The world would be a better place if we all behaved as honestly as people at the airport.

Ashmont Hill

Ashmont Hill was born out of the inner city in Boston, Massachusetts. As a pop-gospel quartet, the group draws inspiration from a diverse pool of talent - from Annointed to Michael W. Smith to the Winans, Hillsong, Leeland and many more! It becomes instantly apparent from listening to Ashmont Hill’s latest release, Your Masterpiece, that the group’s love of diverse musical influences and congregational worship can’t be confined to a single music market.
“Our Dad instilled in us from the beginning the need to be a church without walls,” says April.
Before the album had even released, the group landed an opening slot on tour with Natalie Grant. They are quickly building a following while touring as many days as they can.

Latest Album: Your Masterpiece


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